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Family OCD Coach – Don Grothoff 

Don Grothoff and family dealing with OCD obsessive compulsive disorder

Donald Grothoff is an author, speaker, EFT practitioner, podcaster and a business owner of Family OCD and Focused Healthy Family in Charlotte, NC USA.

The focus of his practice is helping families whose children are afflicted with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Anxiety via a modality called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “tapping”.

With over thirteen years of training and experience in EFT, Don assesses the whole child, family, home and business environment, providing a variety of alternative treatments that address the child’s particular needs.

Don has helped local schools and businesses develop their own tapping programs. He has worked with traditional and alternative practitioners such as a pediatric neurologist, integrative pediatric and naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists, chiropractors, therapist and social workers.

Don is the author of the E-book “A Trip to the Non-Sensical: A Dad’s Journey Through His Daughter’s OCD”, in which he shares his personal experience guiding his family and his own business through a traumatic diagnosis.

Don is available for private sessions, speaking and workshops worldwide via Phone, Zoom or Skype and other online methods.

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