What you are about to read may sound crazy because we’re so used to hearing about talk therapy, and while that is important, I’m going to share three secrets with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you approach Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


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Don Grothoff

I’m Don Grothoff and I am Behavior Transformation Specialist who has helped many clients transform their OCD to a manageable place.



questions about Don Grothoff or ocd or obsessive compulsive disorderI know what you’re probably thinking: “OCD is so powerful and controlling I will never be able to overcome it!”

But again, I’m going to show you a great way to overcome OCD and do it faster.


So, the first secret is, talk therapy does not get the best results in most cases. In fact, many times it can amplify OCD.

Talk therapy or as many know it, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, alone is an important and powerful therapy but when it comes to talk that can cause an amplification of the thoughts that are already speeding around in the mind of an OCD sufferer. ERP therapy on the other hand is a version of CBT but it involves desensitization of the triggers of OCD and is different than just CBT.

This is important because when you methodically and carefully get exposed to the triggers of OCD you are, over time, able to release the triggering affects. Attempting to just talk your way out of OCD can be detrimental and ineffective. But when you focus on methodically and diligently exposing yourself to the triggers you can overcome OCD!

secret 2 about OCD Obsessive Compulsive DisorderThe second secret is when you add my mindfulness process to ERP you speed up the whole treatment.

The main thing to understand is doing ERP the traditional way works but can take up to a year or more depending on the severity of the OCD. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut that in half. My coaching process can do that.

This means if your OCD is taking over your life you now have a process to stop that and regain control of your life. You can also do it faster and easier than traditional ERP.

secret 3 about OCD Obsessive Compulsive DisorderThe third secret is that OCD is overwhelming and powerful but it is treatable and manageable.

Of all the disorders that I have seen and worked with OCD has the promise of being treatable and manageable. This means that you can go from OCD ruling your life to having a life again without OCD and its effects.

Understanding OCD

To understand how OCD works, think about a mosquito bite. When you get bitten by a mosquito, it itches, so to make it feel better you scratch. While you scratch the bite it feels great, but as soon as you stop scratching, the itching gets worse. That’s how OCD plays out. When a child with OCD feels anxious he’ll do something to fix it temporarily, but that ritual makes it worse over time.

You can put OCD in its place, shut it up and not let it take over your mind life.


So what is the most powerful way to transform your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

It’s a little-known method called “Powered ERP”.

It’s combining Exposure Response Therapy together with my mindset-changing transformation process. Not only will you be able to overcome OCD but you will do it faster.

So I’m going to share with you 3 secrets about a little-known method called ” Powered ERP” and how you can take down OCD for good.

How would it feel to have your life back under your control?

OCD sufferers after doing the “Powered ERP” are keeping OCD at bay and enjoying activities that couldn’t before.


questions more about OCD Obsessive Compulsive DisorderNow, I know what you’re thinking –“How exactly do I implement this for myself or someone I love?”

Well the tricky thing is that it’s really important to determine whether or not this approach is the right fit for you or the one suffering from OCD. It’s not for everyone. For the right people however, it is life-changing. So the first step is to discover whether or not this is what you need!


What other say:

From the Holistic Wellness Center in Ft. Mill, SC where I work with their patience I get testimonials…

“Let me start by saying that I was a HOT MESS when I first came to this center. Sleep deprived, anxious, depressed, confused – turns out I had a host of symptoms laying under the surface (thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, zinc deficits, etc.) that had been “misdiagnosed” by previous doctors. I LITERALLY had blood work done a week before I came here, and conventional medicine didn’t see anything wrong! When I say that these guys get at the underlying symptoms, they will uncover just about everything you can think of and more. It will blow your mind! Dr. Boyle is brilliant, and I’m so grateful for everything he has done for me. Brittany, Mikela, Mary Beth, Katie – these guys have all been so compassionate and gracious. Also, I am incredibly grateful for Don, the EFT instructor – those sessions helped me in remarkable ways. While I still have work to do with my health goals, I’m in a much better place than when I first started – and I’m more prepared for the road ahead. Thank you HWC!”

— E.D. patient of Holistic Wellness Center

“…I’m feeling more peace and contentment with where I am at and where I am going. Your comments about contrast and about the process/journey of accomplishing goals/desires were so helpful. To start realizing I am on a journey and I don’t have to be at the destination right now but have time to get there and should take the time to get is there is amazing. I’m learning how to enjoy and appreciate the journey.”

MS from Texas

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and for you to be able to teach me some life altering techniques and ways to improve my life. You are very intuitive and helpful.”

JA – Rock Hill, SC


And so I’ve developed this complementary assessment consultation you can determine if this approach will help you.

With this assessment, we can discover what you need to transform OCD and get you or someone you love on their way to a healthier, happier life.

And so what this is going to do is empower you to take charge of the OCD and gain back your life!

As behavior transformation specialist, I discovered this method with my wife many years ago when we had severe issues with our own daughter.  We do all of this naturally, without medication. We look at the person and your whole situation; the way you live, the environment you live in, how you treat each other, how you treat your health and the issues that trigger your OCD.

So what I’ve done is I’ve created this quick and easy online or by phone assessment delivered in a complimentary consultation.

If you click here, you can book your consultation now.

I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll keep this complementary assessment consultation available (especially for free) because I have limited availability due to my current client workload.

Click here to get it today while it’s still available.

We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for parents just like you who are struggling with OCD.

We also have collaborative family activities to share with you to help with continued healing and bonding, but today I’m talking about the complementary assessment consultation, which is amazing.

I can’t wait to speak with you soon.

Have a great day.

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