OCD: It’s treatable!

(and non-medically too!)

If you have tried everything without results. This might be the right place for you.

My typical clients have either tried all the methods i.e.: drugs, talk therapy, doctors, etc… and haven’t gotten the results they desire. Or they don’t even know where to turn. That’s where I can come in working with a therapist or on my own.

I can:

  • Coach you through ERP therapy and add a important twist
  • Develop a plan for overcoming OCD and implementing it
  • Help you understand what is going on
  • Work with the whole family in getting past OCD
  • Teach communication skills that help ease the drama
  • Bring calm to the home


Now that was the funny side, find out the harder rest of the OCD story here… 

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Therapist use a practice of ERP therapy (Exposure Response Prevention) and recommend it highly for OCD. My family went through ERP for my daughter. I am a family coach doing ERP COACHING that supports the efforts of therapist in helping their patients through the steps of ERP. I have combined modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping, Alpha Stim and Brain Gym with the steps of ERP to speed up the process.

My practice is a non-medical, alternative treatment for those families who are suffering with OCD. I have become well versed in the various anxiety treatment options for OCD and continue to learn and research them further. And I have discovered two self-administered treatments that are remarkably effective and beneficial to the entire family, too. 

What clients say:


… I never knew were so stuck.
As I mentioned, I was very tired afterward and also had a bit of a headache, but I knew what it was from. I needed to rest and stay hydrated.
The session was very comfortable and I definitely felt as ease. Your temperament and demeanor are very calming and I never felt “pressured” at any time. You did such a nice job navigating the tapping and not making it very controlled.
I was really ready for this energy to be released. Between my own willingness to address underlying issues and your ability to navigate questions and statements so intuitively, I was able to verbally express my truth. This was a journey of self-discovery from my issues that were bubbling at the surface, to reaching my subconscious thoughts straight on. Some statements were difficult for me to admit, especially knowing the unrelenting grip of old rules I have been practicing my entire life. By telling me, “You’re safe here,” and, “It’s OK. just let it go,” you gave me permission to not be afraid and to say what’s been holding me back for so long.
I liked the idea of bringing spirituality into the session. I truly believe that anyone coming to you for healing would most likely be open to opening up to this “possibility.” I have to believe there are a lot more people open to this and need your permission to go there.This is a unique way for your sessions to have infinite possibilities, which only gives hope.
The session didn’t end there for me because you carefully led me through tapping energy to re-create my “newness,” an ongoing relationship with my mother in the healthiest manner possible. I could leave my childhood where it belonged and become open to new rules, healthier rules, supported by someone I thought abandoned me. This gave me so much hope and I actually felt excited for a new journey!
During the closure, I actually felt the heaviness and tightness of my chest lift and I could actually breathe. Easily. It was notable. It was really nice to end the session with a little bit of laughter and grounding again.I felt safe and OK when I left your office.
That afternoon I was kind of in a trance/daydreaming state. Probably bewildered and trying to embrace this new perspective, releasing my anxiety and wrapping my brain around accepting myself as I am.
I had no idea what a powerful experience this would be and you certainly are using your gifts in such a positive way. Healing did occur for me and I hope to continue to strengthen this new perspective in my life.
Thank you
In Gratitude,
KF – Charlotte, NC

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